Q. Do I get a refund if my tutor doesn’t show up?

At the end of every session you have, you as a tutee have to end the session on the web app. If the tutor doesn’t show up, you will not be charged. Hence, your subscription bundle remains intact until a session holds within that month.

Q. Can I subscribe for a whole semester?

Yes, you can. There is a semester plan, where you can subscribe for four months.

Q. I can’t sign in or hail a tutor.

You may not be able to sign in because you have not registered on the platform. You will need to create a password and agree to our terms and conditions.

Also, you may not be able to hail a tutor because you have not finished your payment/ subscription process.

You may also not be able to sign in if your account has been terminated. This is because you have breached our terms and conditions.

Q. As a tutor, what is the maximum number of tutees I can be paired with?

Hail a Tutor wants you to deliver excellent services to your clients, hence in a month you are allowed only ten tutees, except all your sessions with them are complete.

Q. What are the requirements to be a tutor?

To be a tutor, you must be on a CGPA of 3.5 – 5.0 or it's equivalence in your institution. You will also be required to upload the picture of your result and means of identification.

To be a tutee, you are required to upload the picture of your means of identification

Q. My card has been rejected and I can’t pay or subscribe.

There may be technical problems with the website. The best course of action would be to close the website and browser and restart. Also, there may be an error in the way the card was inputed, typically either with the way expiry date on the card or the way that one or more of the card numbers have been inputed. You can pay cash/ transfer to the company a/c and send a confirmation text to the email address or phone number

Q. I have an issue with the tutor/tutee.

You can report an incident you are not comfortable with regarding your tutor or tutee to us. Simply reach out to us at info@hailatutor.com

Q. What's our Mission?

GATE Academy aims to become a leading educational support tech company promoting participation in education, which we regard as a democratic entitlement; to strive for excellence, efficiency, innovation and goal orientation in learning, teaching and research; to realise the creative potential and equip our students to make effective contribution to the society and the economy.

Q. Who should clock in?

A. Only the tutee is allowed to clock in

Q. Who should clock out?

A. Only the tutor is allowed to clock out..

Q. Who schedules a session?

A. Either one of the tutee or tutor schedules the session.

Q. Why should I allow HailATutor access to the location where the session is being held?

A. This is a security feature to guarantee your safety as either a tutee or a tutor.

Q. Who is allowed to complete the session?

A. Tutees. Tutors should insist tutees should complete the session from their account because that is what indicates the class held.