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Course Materials Guide for Instructors:

As an education marketplace, HailATutor offers learners the ability to buy course materials (video or pdf formats) in many tertiary institutions (university, polytechnics, colleges of education etc). Hence, your materials should be designed with students in mind.

It should contain -
  1. Course titles;
  2. Videos or notes;
  3. Resources;
  4. Quizzes with solutions.
HailATutor courses must meet specific set standards for approval when you submit them for review. We reserve the right to review a course more than once if instructors violate these standards at any given time. This section includes:
  1. Course material guidelines
  2. Course price guidelines
  3. Quality review guidelines
  4. Instructor revenue sharing
  5. Escalation policy

Course Material Guidelines

This guide allows an instructor on HailATutor to know the requirements, including requirements for material title/description, material format, presentation & quality of video courses or notes, images in videos & notes and acceptable size of materials which must be met for your material to be visible to users. They include:

  1. Course Title Requirements - apply to all media materials on HailATutor's platform. The titles must not exceed 350 characters, including spaces, the titles can not contain promotional phrases, such as "free delivery", "100% quality guaranteed", "cash back guaranteed" etc., the titles can not contain characters for decoration, such as ~ ! * $ ? _ ~ { } # < > | * ; ^ ¬ ¦, the titles must contain product-identifying information, such as "Introduction to Psychology" or "Engineering Mathematics". Note that, inability to adhere or comply with these requirements may cause your material to be suppressed from HailATutor's search results.
  2. Course Codes - It isn't required but you can decide to use the course codes to describe the videos/notes and must be applied to all materials.
  3. Instructor/Tutor bio and profile picture - Before you are allowed to start uploading course materials, you must have filled your bio and have your profile picture set in your account. You're also required to complete an instructor course proficiency assessment/test.
  4. Price - Set prices that are reasonable, affordable and most especially competitive compared to other instructors. Before setting your price, you could search HailATutor for the average price set by instructors for the same material you wish to put up.
  5. Duplicate content - Courses can't contain content that is duplicated in other courses published on the HailATutor marketplace.
  6. You may not -
    1. Include links to paid content off HailATutor. The only exception is when you're providing access to a resource that is part of the course requirements, which would have been stated in the course page.
    2. Post personal information about students.
    3. Include coupon codes, affiliate links, promotional references or links to any HailATutor courses.
  7. Brand name - You may include your name or brand name as a small watermark on your video or course note materials.
  8. Lessons & Descriptions - Video courses should be broken down into smaller lessons of not more than 30 minutes each. Each lesson should contain the lesson title and the description of the lesson.
  9. Course preview - The first lesson of each of your video courses will be used as a course preview for students. Hence, make sure it's appealing and such preview or introductory lessons should not be more than 3 minutes.
  10. Course Synopsis - Your video/ course note material should give prospective users a good sense of what it entails and the major points of that course as required by the lecturer of the course. If examples and representations are available to better give the reader a better grasp of the course, then it would be very helpful that you put the examples.

This is your opportunity to share your passion for your course and for tutoring, and let users in and outside your campus know what your video or course note might be like. Here are some things you could include in your Synopsis:

  1. That is a description of what the course is all about.
  2. Learning objectives and outcomes for the user/learner.
  3. Does it include sample questions and answers at the end of the material?
  4. What level of students can use the course notes? E.g: 100 level to 400 level students.
  5. Is it only available to users in your school or can it also be used by others outside your school/campus?

Best Practices For Video Course Guide -

Your video course should give prospective students/learners a good sense of what it entails and the major points of that course as required by the lecturer of the course. If examples/representations are available to better give the student a better grasp of the course, then it would be very helpful that you state and explain the examples.

It must be in mp4, mpeg or Avi video formats, HD video quality (720p or 1080p) clear and audible with colorful visuals for users to understand better.File size should be between 5mb and 500mb.

Instructors who add graphics and visuals to their video tutorial courses receive 10x as many requests as those without, so we highly recommend doing this to boost your sale from the get-go
Here are some helpful hints to create a stand-out course pod:

You will need -

  1. A phone / iPad / laptop / tablet / computer with webcam
  2. A quiet, well-lit space / camera stand and lighting / microphone / video editing tools.
How to structure your video -
  1. Introduce yourself and what you study at university/polytechnic/college of education.
  2. Explain the course in detail, passionately with examples, and case studies or scenarios
  3. Sample exam-style questions and easy to understand solutions
  4. Sign off with a friendly message encouraging users to get in touch to book or look out for more engaging videos in that course or other courses from you
Top tips
  1. The ideal video length is between 10 and 30 minutes per lesson.
  2. To help you remember what you’ve planned to say, you might like to write some prompts and put
  3. them somewhere visible whilst you film your course lessons. Check the help and support tab to learn more
Note Taker Guide -

This material must be in pdf format with images and visuals as readers understand better with images and colors. File size should be between 5mb and 500mb.

Make it more comprehensive and easier to understand for it to reach a wider audience.

P.S: While we recommend that you type your notes; you can also take pictures of your note if your handwriting is legible, and use a pdf creating tool to combine the images and convert them to a pdf document.

HailATutor Course Price Guidelines for Instructors

You're expected to set your base price for each course material. This price has to be reasonable, affordable and most especially competitive compared to other instructors. Before setting your price, you could search HailATutor for the average price set by instructors for a similar course material you wish to put up.

You can always go back to change your base price in the course material. Please note that courses that you charge for on HailATutor cannot be offered for free on other platforms (e.g. YouTube, your social media, your own site, other sites).

Quality Review Guidelines

At HailATutor, our mission is to help students in tertiary institutions understand their courses better. Hence in order to ensure that students have great learning experience, we have a Quality Review Process in place that every material course submitted goes through.

After you submit your material course (video or course note) for review, HailATutor's Quality Review Team will evaluate your submission and provide feedback on all the items in the Course Material Guidelines. Once your course material passes, it will be published for users to interact with in the HailATutor marketplace. Until then, your course won't be discoverable on the platform. The course review time will not take more than 3 business days.

Approved Course Material - When your course has been approved, you will get an email notification stating so. Please note that it may take up to 24 hours for your course material to be discoverable in search results. Once your course goes live, students will discover and purchase your course.

Disapproved Course Material - If your course material has been disapproved, you will get an email notification on the feedback and the necessary fixes you need to make before submitting it back for approval. Please note that disapproved course material are not live on the HailATutor marketplace

Instructor Revenue Sharing

This section outlines HailATutor's revenue sharing plan for instructors. Instructors are rewarded for creating amazing and knowledgeable content that brings students to the marketplace. HailATutor is rewarded for driving sales for our expert instructors.

HailATutor doesn't charge a fee to create and host a course material on the marketplace and an instructor can publish as many free and paid courses as they want.

This revenue share is based on the Net Amount, which is the amount a student paid less any applicable taxes or fees such as the 30% fee imposed by Google or Apple for sales on Android & iOS.

Instructors receive 40% of the revenue for any HailATutor sales where no instructor coupon or course referral link was used. These sales might occur after a user clicks on a HailATutor ads or browses the HailATutor platform for course materials.

Escalation Policy

We understand that no one is above mistakes and sometimes you just don't know what the rules are.

If an instructor violates any of our policies, legal terms and conditions, they will first receive a simple warning as well as guide them on how not to violate any of our policies again.

Below is a process flow of our escalation policy:

  1. Warning - a correspondence from a member of the HailATutor legal team about the violation and our policy on the same.
  2. 1st Strike - Courses blocked from active promotions for 2 months
  3. 2nd Strike - Courses blocked from new user enrollments or purchase for 2 months
  4. Ban - we will permanently delete account and course materials from the marketplace.
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