Become A HailATutor Student Ambassador

Join us to represent HailATutor in your school

About HailATutor Ambassador Program

This is a great avenue for student to explore their talents and skills and would love the opportunity to be part of Africa's largest students community hub.

Why Become a HailATutor Student Ambassador?

  • Access internship opportunities with us.
  • Access mentorship by an expert
  • Obtain a certificate of recognition
  • Earn money while in school.
  • Youth leadership positions and experience that can launch your career.

Who is eligible for the program?

HailATutor is looking for highly talented people who will be the best fit for our ambassador program. Therefore, you would need to fit these criteria:

Have an account with HailATutor
Currently enrolled in a university, polytechnic, or college.
Pursuing a degree spanning a minimum of one year.
An active member of a number of student groups, clubs, and associations on campus.
Excellent communication skills.
An active member of a number of student groups, clubs, and associations on campus.

What are the duties of a student ambassador ?

Your primary responsibility would be to support the goals of HailATutor and to be an appropriate representative in your educational community. As an ambassador, we encourage you to be self-motivated and devoted to producing the best results possible. Duties may include the following:

Get students to sign up

Promote HailATutor at on campus events, when such events are held at your university.

Check with program directors on a regular basis as they communicate.

Collect feedback and help improve HailATutor for our users.

Spread the word about HailATutor across all social media platforms.

How do i join ?

Fill out the application form. If you are chosen, we will schedule a call with you to ensure that our goals and expectations are in sync. If you pass the phone screening, the onboarding process will begin; more information will be provided at that time.

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