About HailATutor

HailATutor, an affiliate of GATE Academy, is the premiere personalized tutoring services in Universities in Nigeria. It is common knowledge that the educational sector is inadequate at all levels in Nigeria, especially the tertiary sector, therefore we are finding ways for education to thrive and people excel.

This is the easy, affordable and stress free way to find a private tutor in your campus. We provide you with a wide range of tutors who top their class with 3.7-5.0 CGPA; and they adapt their teaching style to suit your learning needs.

WHY HailATutor?

The most convenient means of learning. Choose your preferred time and venue, i.e. library, lecture halls, labs, anywhere and everywhere is perfect for you.

• Learning from a fellow student increases your chances of assimilation because you have a one on one relationship with the tutor.
• No registration fee, sign up free
• Our online system automatically pairs you with the most suitable tutor for your needs and the tutor contacts you within 24 hours of request.
• The most stress free and affordable means of finding a reliable tutor in your campus.
• The tutors provide you with practice questions to gauge understanding of concepts and prepare you for tests.

Are you:

• Too busy to attend classes?
• Battling with too many carryover courses?
• Dealing with too many assignments and no solutions to them?
• In need of understanding concepts in a course?
• Constantly thinking of how to better your grades?

We have the right solution for you, HailATutor and watch your academic challenges solved.